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F5-BG Face Recognition Terminal Binocular Camera

Category:Face Recognition Device

Product ID:F5-BG


Product Introduction:Applicable to office areas, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public services and management projects, etc. where face access is required.


Rakinda F5 is an android biometric face recognition terminal with an infrared sensor and face recognition camera. It equipped with 8-inch touch screen, 1280*800 and HDR front camera.

In addition, Our F5 provides face recognition SDK for secondary development, comes with baidu algorithm. And we also have the self-developed independent face recognition management platform.

Product Parameters:

Screen Size 8", full viewing angle, 170° IPS LCD
Resolution 800*1280
Camera Type RGB TOF
Resolution (horizontal × vertical) Support 1080P/960P/720P/VGA 640× 480 Pixel
Field of view (horizontal × vertical) 74° × 56° @960P (Default) 80° × 60°
63° × 37° @1080P
74° × 42° @720P
74° × 56° @VGA
Frame rate (FPS) Maximum 30FPS @960P/720P/VGA Up to 15FPS @1080P MAX 30FPS
Detection distance (unit: meter) 0.35-1.2
light source 850nm VCSEL
Working temperature (degree Celsius °C) 0℃-50℃
Core parameter CPU 6 cores, clocked at 2.0GHz
OS Android 7.1.2
Parts Fill light Infrared, LED fill light
Network module Support wired, wireless (2.4GWi-Fi), wireless (USB external)
Bluetooth Module 4.0
4G communication module Optional (built-in or external)
ID card reader Optional (built-in or external)
GPS Optional (built-in or external)
Port USB USB2.0 1
RD232 RS232 serial port, 2.5mm terminal block 2P
Relay output 2.5mm terminal block 3P
Wiegand interface 2.5mm terminal block 3P, support Wiegand 26
Wired network interface RJ45 Gigabit network
General parameters IP Protection IP54
Power DC12V (±10%) /3A
Operating temperature -20℃ ~70℃
Working humidity 10%~90 %
Power consumption 22W MAX
Installation method Wall bracket installation, gate bracket installation
Equipment size 239.2mm*123.2mm*26.4mm
Weight ≈1050g

Product Features:

- QR Reading & Card Reading & Face Recognition All in One

- Infrared Binocular Camera to Support Live Detection 

- Binocular Camera with RS232,USB 2.0,Relay Output

- Independent Software Management Platform by Supporting Multiple Languages

- Multi-system with Mass Storage Space & 99.9% Recognition Accuracy

- Support Online & Offline Version for Customer Flexible Choice

- Optional Designs for Choice--Wall Mounted & Turnstile Fixed Model 

- 3D TOF Super Scanning with Highest Security & Integrating Baidu Algorithm

Fast recognition:

- Face tracking and detection takes about 20ms.

- Face feature extraction takes about 200ms.

- In vivo detection of face comparison time 0.6ms (1000 people library, multiple recognition average), 0.8ms (10000 people library, multiple recognition average).

Application Scenario:

F5 device could use for attendance and visitor system , applied in: Office building,Hospital,School library,Student dormitory,Classroom Hotel, Gym, Factories, Conference room, Institute of Science, etc. where face access is required.

Three versions of this face recognition device

F3 F5 F6

Customized Model (Can be designed thinner)
Android 7.0 Android 7.0 Android 9.0
CPU: 6 cores CPU: 6 cores CPU: 8 cores
3D TOF Technology Infrared Binocular 3D TOF Technology + APU +4G
Standard Device Standard Device Customized

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