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RD4300 Fixed Mount QR Code Scanner

Category:2D Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Product ID:RD4300


Product Introduction:RD4300 2d qr code scanner module has USB or RS232 output cable for customers to choose. The series fixed mount barcode scanner is able to read barcodes on paper and mobile phones.



1. Snappy On-screen Barcode Capture

Featuring excellent near-field reading, wide-viewing angle and snappy reading, the CPU-powered is incredibly reader-friendly on smartphone & tablet displays. 

2. Slimmer, More Compact Construction
Compared with its predecessor, the new generation of RD4300 qr code scanning module is thinner, lighter and more compact, and thus easier to be integrated into any devices. 

3. Robust Design with High Vibration Resistance
The single PCB construction and vibration-proof connectors make the qr scan engine more resistant against vibration and help improve its reliability. 

4. Outstanding Power Efficiency
The advanced technology incorporated in the 2d barcode reader module helps reduce its power consumption and prolong its service life.

5. Multiple Interfaces

The RD4300 qr code reader module supports USB, RS-232 and TTL232

We have 6 kinds of qr code scanning module with different properties and sizes in this series. If you are interested, please contact us.

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