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RD007 Access Control Devices

Category:Intelligent Scanner Devices

Product ID:RD007


Product Introduction:The product has Wiegand 26/ 34 output when the product is used as a 2d code reader, It’s a kind of access control using 2d barcodes scanning based on TCP / IP based network.


1. The product has voice amplifier and speakers whose commonly used access incidents can be set, the network control play nearly 150 voices that can be customized.
2. Meet the agreed rules of the encrypted 2d code, in the case of no network, you can open the door or barrier directly. 
3. Common parameters such as network IP parameters, lock delay, Wiegand 26/34, etc., can be set directly through the 2d code to make on-site debugging easier. 8. Equipment capacity: card 35,000 pieces, record 50,000 pieces, 2d code times 100,000, records and 2d code times are automatically looped over capacity. 
4. The product uses the battery-free clock to maintain the circuit, eliminating the need to replace the battery regularly as well as express delivery troubles without batteries.
5. The product uses the data memory and the ferroelectric memory, even if the device suddenly power-down, it will not lose the stored data to ensure data safe and reliable.
6. Products can identify M1 card, second-generation ID card, CPU card, UltraLight, SR176, SRIX4K card number.
7. Network transmission standard for RJ45 10 / 100M TCP / IP transmission, extendable WIFI transmission or mobile phone Bluetooth transmission.
8. Support for connections cross-gateway or cross-segment TCP/IP network, and the controller can adapt automatically under direct-connect network cable or
crossover cable .
9. Built-in dual hardware anti-crash watchdog, even if the chip operation appear abnormalities, it can be restored in time, which does not affect the use.
10. Supports TCP/IP remote IAP upgrade. If there is a change in requirements, it can upgraded directly through network to be completed after the program modified.
11. Can be expanded to be installed WiFi module, it can make 2d code be transmitted to wireless network by WiF, WiFi module supports AP and STA dual mode.
12. Can be expanded to installed Bluetooth module to let products communicate with mobile phone Bluetooth to achieve other functions such as shake to open the door.
13. Integrated Development Package Docking DEMO Language: JAVA, C#, C++, etc

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