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Category:Bluetooth RFID Scanner

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Product Introduction:HF/UHF RFID reader,1D/2D barcode scanner; portable multi--functional back clip, bluetooth rfid scanner;This device makes your phone or tablet a mobile data collector at once via bluetooth.


Product Features:

1. High Universality

Adjustment Buckle for different size cellphone

2. Multifunction Selector

More than 20 kinds optianol function to meet different needs

3.Charging Function

Bulit-in 3000mAh Polymer Batteries that could charging for cellphone and meet 


connect product via bluetooth directly.(provide communication interface SDK and Source Code)

5.Dust-proof and Drop resistance

According to government industry outdoor use characteristics, the product applies special technology to fully meet the industry durable demands.

6.Easy Scan bBotton on Both Sides

It has scan botton on both sides

If you'd like to know more about, please contact us freely or welcome to visit our Alibaba store to purchase: 


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