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Payment Box is a Payment Way for Future Tendency of Cashless
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Payment box creatively combines card readers with mobile devices such as smart phones, creating a new way of mobile POS payment, reaching domestic advanced level in product innovation, product quality, iteration speed, intellectual property and testing and certification. Since its inception, it has served extensively in domestic merchants, providing intelligent collection services for small and medium-sized micro-businesses to achieve rapid business growth. At the same time, it has customized professional mobile payment intelligent solutions for industry customers, accelerating the efficiency of customer funds and improving information management and customer relations. Management level; committed to building a new, convenient, and integrated professional, international mobile financial innovation payment service provider that is in line with national industrial development policies and regulations.

The payment box solution currently covers personal payment services and merchant acquiring services. Box payment mode features:
1. Provide mobile card payment solutions for e-commerce and physical merchants.
2. Support all UnionPay cards.
3, no need to open online banking, pay anywhere, anytime.
4, hardware financial level encryption, fully in line with the UnionPay specification.
5.The platform is friendly and open, and the online and offline integrated payment solutions
6.Payment box is good for reading phone qr code screen 
Payment Box is a Payment Way for Future Tendency of Cashless
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