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Rakinda LV30 2d arduino barcode scanner module for POS terminal
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2020-03-10 | Views:1347
In the era of mobile payment, with the extension of third-party mobile payment platforms  payment to the offline payment market and the collective outbreak of O2O ,this has led to the Users enjoy convenient and fast payment services, for traditional POS terminal manufacturers to innovate and change and improve their competitiveness, then it Must use a high-performance QR code scanning module (that is, QR code reading equipment, also known as code scanning payment module, 2D scanning module, etc.) to provide reliable code scanning payment performance to meet the diverse payment needs of merchants , While providing consumers with more convenience and choice.

Shenzhen RAKINDA and domestic smart payment terminal manufacturers have launched a comprehensive set of smart POS application solutions that support bar code payment functions. In addition to the traditional card scan function and small ticket printing function, the cash register POS terminal in this solution mainly uses the embedded LV30 2d code scanning module as the core identification component of the mobile payment code to integrate automatic identification, collection, and data of the 2d code. Transmission performance, and integrate many functions such as code scanning payment, membership card coupon verification, group purchase verification. In addition, the opening of the payment link not only helps merchants improve the O2O closed loop, but also implements sophisticated data management operations. Merchants can always optimize marketing methods through the refined management of marketing big data and customer bills and analysis of user consumption behavior. To achieve deep user binding.

According to reports, the embedded LV30 2d barcode scanning module uses the world's unique 2d decoding chip to bring excellent performance, accurate and fast scanning, sensitive and fast reading, and supports 1d and 2d mobile payment. The reading of the code is a special technical verification for reading the screen code of the mobile phone. Even in the case of insufficient battery power, color film and color bar code on the mobile phone screen, the reading of the bar code can be easily completed, which improves the customer's Experience, while speeding up customer circulation. At the same time, the LV30 has ultra-small size, extremely light weight, and wide environmental adaptability. No matter what kind of embedded application, it can always cover everything, and it can be easily embedded in traditional cash register POS terminals, portable cash collection devices, scanner products, PDA products, medical diagnostic equipment, bar code handsets and various thin and light accessories. At present, the LV30 embedded bar code scanning module has been fully promoted and applied. With excellent mobile phone payment bar code reading performance and good embedding, it is well received by domestic and foreign smart POS terminal manufacturers

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