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Self Order Kiosks Restaurants
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-07-09 | Views:1724
The very nature of the restaurant industry is changing, and technology is the driving force. A self-ordering kiosk allows customers to order and pay at their leisure, relieving that long line at the cashier desk. This convenience will have a direct impact on sales, as the restaurant is taking more orders, faster than ever before.

Self kiosk enables restaurants to interact effectively with their customers.  At their core, self-ordering systems are a service that lets their patrons and customer make interaction more meaningful, convenient, and profitable.

Key features of Smart Self-service Kiosk

QR code scanner

Terminal printer
NFC reader
Infrared sensor
Stand-alone / wall-mounted
Touch screen

QR code scanner is essential, which can be embedded into kiosk to scan the QR code to finish order food, pay  for it. Rakinda provides mini scan engine to read 1D or 2D barcode fast and accurately. It is widely used in kiosks, medical instruments, diagnostic equipment, lottery terminals, vending machines and many other devices. 

Share some benefits are reaping from self-ordering kiosks

Faster Service

One of the most important components to providing guests with an enjoyable experience in any enterprise is speed of service.

Increased Order Size and Sales

Self-service kiosks increase order sizes resulting in increased sales. Between millennials and the digital age of mobile applications, the traditional ordering experience has become outdated. When guests don’t have to have one-on-one interaction, they simply feel more comfortable ordering more.

Ensure order accuracy

With customers selecting and submitting their own orders, the margin of error for orders will decrease significantly. A kiosk with a visual menu is a godsend for avoiding miscommunication. It ensures clients know exactly what they're ordering, meaning they can't come back saying, "This isn't what I ordered."

Reduce labor cost

By having customers take control of the ordering process, the restaurant will have much more flexibility when it comes to staffing. The restaurant may want to move some front-of-house staff to the kitchen to help with the influx of orders coming in, or reduce staffs on cash from two to one. It actually is able to save money on labor and improve efficiency.

Now self-ordering kiosks are becoming the secret weapon for successful restaurants. Utilizing kiosks gives your restaurant a unique advantage to get in front of the customers.
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