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Hong Kong Taxis Access Alipay, Both Mainland Tourists and Local Residents can Use
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-03-01 | Views:1230
Today Ant Financial announced officially that customers can take a taxi by using Alipay to pay in Hong Kong and New Territories from October 30, mainland tourists can use Alipay App to pay directly, and Hong Kong residents can use the "Alipay HK "to carry out payment. In the future, more Hong Kong taxis will be connected one after another. It is estimated that the number of taxis accessing the service will increase to several thousands by November.

After taxis access payment in Hong Kong, Alipay has access to taxis overseas eight countries and regions, including Finland, Italy, the United States, Japan, Singapore and China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. In addition, Alipay has connected to the Shanghai Maglev Train successively. Passengers can enter the station to take a train directly by using the 2d code of the mobile phone and pay via Alipay through an APP called "Metro Metropolis".

Li Yongshi, general manager of Alipay Hong Kong, said that because taxis in Hong Kong are not the same as in the Mainland, they are privately operated and the mainland is run by a unified taxi company. In the case of such decentralized ownership, all taxis are required to access the electronic Payment is not easy, Alipay needs to work with Hong Kong mobile payment system developers YedPay and Valoot cooperation in order to achieve access taxi payment.

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