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China Mature Scanning Technology Huge Influence
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-10-19 | Views:616
With the rapid development of the mobile Internet of Things economy, 2D code mobile handheld pos machines that are ubiquitous are slowly appearing in a variety of application scenarios, accelerating the transformation of mobile payment parts and new economic forms.

China’s influence in the international arena has grown. In recent years, China’s development has grown at a rapid rate, and the status of the Chinese has gradually increased. Even people from other countries would rather come to China as waiters and return to their own countries. Your own worth. To say that China’s development in the past few years is a world-famous feat, it must be indispensable to the "new four major inventions" of modern China.
bus payment pos
In China, the scanning code payment has been spread all over the country. Even the aunts who buy food on the street will use WeChat scan code to pay. This is not only convenient for us, but also the scanning code payment has become our habit. You don't have to bring a wallet when you go out, the phone is in your hands. Even if you are traveling abroad, you can use Alipay WeChat scan code payment.

But Vietnam has disabled Alipay WeChat. The Vietnamese government believes that such payment methods are not legal. Later, Ma Yun personally went to Vietnam to meet with the Vietnamese Prime Minister and Bank Governor. Although the communication process was very pleasant, and Ma Yun’s speech also won the high admiration of the Vietnamese people. In the end, Vietnam also successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alipay and WeChat.
China Mature Scanning Technology Huge Influence
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