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RD4500 series Embedded 2D scanning module
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-04-12 | Views:673

Speaking of the embedded scan engine application that scans the screen code of mobile phones, I believe you will remember any of the following application scenarios:

(1) Walking on the bus station to find that you did not bring any change, it does not matter, no haste to pick up the phone to open the payment procedure in the WeChat applet, call out the 2D code. After the card swiping machine reads your 2D code successfully, you can be taken to the destination.

(2) On weekends, you would like to go to the tourist attractions, use a mobile phone to purchase tickets to obtain mobile phone electronic (or paper) QR code tickets, and scan the QR code on the scanning window on the gate to enter the park.

(3) A friend was asked to watch a movie, you purchased the ticket on phone and got the QR code. Once you arrived the cinema , called up the phone QR code and placed it on the scanning window on the self-service ticket collecting machine. After successful verification, the ticket was obtained.

(4) Going to eat McDonald's after work, but how to do when it’s so crowd, you can order food according to operation instructions on the buffet ordering machine, choose Alipay or Wechat to pay, and randomly call out the mobile payment code. Do not have to line up again.

(5) Take the subway and you can use the “ Metro code procedure” on Alipay City Service to call out the phone QR code and put the phone screen on subway gate. After the verification is successful, the gate can open freely.

RD4600 scanning module application

One common feature of these scenarios is the barcode acquisition accessory, a 2D scanning module, in the smart device. However, it is not that any bar code scanning module can scan  phone screen code applications. Take Shenzhen RAKINDA as an example, which has the most R&D scale and strength in the field of automatic identification.we chose a professional reading mobile phone screen code. The embedded scanning engine, the RD4500 series of 2D scanning modules, can perform any of the above mobile phone 2D code scanning applications. It mainly has the following types: RD4600,RD4500I, RD4500R, RD4500S, RD4500-20 and so on.

The RD4600 2D scanning module adopts a core decoding technology independently developed by the company. The scanning speed is up to 300 times per second, and the reading performance has reached the international advanced level. It has specially optimized the identification of mobile screens and other electronic screen codes under light processing. Even if the mobile phone screen is affixed with color filters, dark screens, or insufficient light, the reading of a 2D barcode is not difficult. And this scanning module also has IP54 industrial waterproof and dustproof, very high pressure resistance. So it’s very popular at subway gates, access gates, 2D code access control, self-service terminals, bus scan code payment devices, smart devices and so on.

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