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Create unmanned supermarkets,seize market opportunities
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-04-12 | Views:677

Since 2017, Ma Yun‘s unmanned supermarkets and Amazon’s Amazon Go unmanned convenience stores have been opened to the public, and unmanned supermarkets continue to heat up. Recently, a supermarket in Jingdong have once again occupied the headlines. Why did unsupervised supermarkets frequently become hot searches? Has the heat gone up?

unmanned supermarket

Create unmanned supermarkets, five major advantages to seize market opportunities!

1.Cost :it only covers small area, low rent, and a person can manage 10 stores, greatly reducing the labor costs in the store.

2.Perspective of application: it can be replicated in a large scale and coexist in multiple forms. For example: no one convenience store + O2O live mode (ecommerce); no one convenience store + advertising (store takeaway for live advertising); no one convenience store + consumer finance, etc. …

3.Consumer demand: fashionable and convenient. The most prominent consumer groups are reflected in the post-90s and 00s, followed by the post-70s and post-80s middle-class.

4.Payment methods: it uses mobile code payment to achieve a cashless society, more in line with contemporary consumer trends.

5.Business: it mainly simplifies the supermarket operation process. The unmanned supermarket saves the time of consumers, greatly improves the efficiency of purchasing, and lowers the total cost, which is also a more prominent advantage.

With the increasingly widespread use of unmanned supermarkets, more and more questions have been raised, among which the loudest doubt is that the cost of unsupervised supermarket equipment will be higher than the labor cost. In fact, the development and production of unmanned supermarket equipment has been increasing. The more mature, the cost becomes cheaper.

With combination of bar code scanning technology and RFID technology, Rakinda can make low-cost unmanned supermarkets easily and provide you comprehensive solution.


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