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Barcode Scanner Plays An Important Role in Cashless Society
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-29 | Views:841

China is the biggest mobile payment market now. In 2016, the total amount of mobile payment in China is 90 times more than USA, who ranks second in this area. According to statistics, in the first season of 2017, the amount of mobile payment reached 18.8k billion RMB (3000 billion dollars), which has increased by 47% comparing with 2016. Alipay and Wechat Pay has taken up 93% of the market. Foreigners has named new four inventions of China: mobile payment, bike-sharing, online shopping and bullet train.

We can see that most of people have been used to mobile payment. If you make a street interview, you will find 90% of the people don’t bring much cash. Merchants offer diverse payment ways now: self-service Kiosk, self-service store etc.

Barcode Scanner Plays An Important Role in Cashless Society

It is a trend now that people are forming new payment habit. We are positively think other countries will follow China closely in payment revolution and move forward to cashless society. Rakinda has released embedded type mini OEM scan engines, such as LV1000, fixed mount barcode scanner, such as RD4500R and gun type barcode scanner, such as LV1300C. They are used in traffic, kiosk, malls, etc to realize cashless payment.
If you are interested in barcode scanner technology, pls kindly contact Rakinda. We will do our best to provide you fit solution.

About Rakinda:
Established in 2000, Rakinda has rich experience in barcode scanner area and its application, such as barcode reader embedded in coffee machine, or barcode reader embedded in turnstile. We are willing to cooperate with system integrator, kiosk manufacturer, smart traffic, handheld scanner manufacturers to develop new project.

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