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What’s the Common Transmission Method of Handheld Barcode Scanner?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-11 | Views:797

In modern society, a variety of tools have become the products that bring convenience to people. One of these is the handheld barcode scanner, a tool that allows people to quickly scan product information, get product prices, and more. This special tool is achieved through some transmission methods to achieve the goal. So, what are the common transmission methods of the scanner?

lv1200c handheld barcode scanner

Bar code scanning gun transmission is mainly divided into two ways, one is the wired transmission, the other is the wireless transmission. In fact, this is also the classification of the scanner. Both wired and wireless scanners have their own advantages. The so-called wired transmission actually refers to that data transmission is completed by data line and the computer or related equipment. The wireless is not limited by the data line, and you can transmit data via Bluetooth or wireless networks, which is relatively the most convenient way to transfer.

Different barcode scanner has different transmission. wireless scan guns actually need to be used with a dedicated wireless barcode adapter. Of course, even similar products with different brands present different quality. When choosing scanners, consumers should not only pay attention to the differences in transmission methods, but also pay more attention to the decoding ability. Relatively speaking, wireless barcode scanner tend to be more expensive because of their convenience, operational indirection, and decoding capabilities.

rakinda barcode scanner

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