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Jack Ma Introduce Intelligent Barcode to Traffic
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-08 | Views:613

With the development internet and market, there are more modules of “Internet + Traffic”. There are many applications of barcode payment in bus and metro.

And Jack Ma, as the top leaders on Internet, they cooperate with Shanghai Metro Company. They start to develop the Intelligent Traffic.

Jack Ma Introduce Intelligent Barcode to Traffic

On October 5, Alibaba, Shanghai Shentong Metro Company and Ant finance cooperate in strategic. Shenzhen Metro group will introduce the Alibaba Technology in “Metro Big Cities” App. At the first of 2018, the Alipay Payment and scanning Barcode on App will be used in Metro.

Passenger takes E-ticket or Alipay Barcode, they can go through the turnstile embedded with Barcode Reader Modules.

At present, Alibaba promotes the usage of Ali Payment. This market is hot. Because different countries also have the online payment way, for example google pay, apple pay. What is more, many payment Apps is developed. It is booming.

We have to say, Technology changes the people’s life. This idea have the same point with The IOT Meeting. Intelligent Metrol, Intelligent Appliances, Intelligent Access Control System, these technolgy make life becomes smarter and easier.

lv4500-20 barcode scanner  for Traffic

And Rakinda develop barcode scanner modules for this smart Market. It is used in turnstile, Kiosk, Access Control System, Car-Parking, bus phone payment machine.

And Rakinda have developed the success project about smart no-worker supermarket.
Any request about barcode readers, please kindly contact us and join us. We will help you to develop the project.

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