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The Barcode Scanner for Industry Automatic Production line
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-29 | Views:597

Shenzhen Rakinda produces the automatic checking way for industry production line by fixed-mount barcode reader. The system reads the barcode in different status to control the production line.

The Barcode Scanner for Industry Automatic Production line

Please check the information as follows:
1.The system of software:
Through the checking system of automatic bar code, and find the same bar code, the bad bar code to confirm every bar code is good;
A. Industry Barcode Scanner: Rakinda develops LV3000U fixed mount barcode reader, to check production bar code in production line;
2.Screen: Shenzhen Rakinda develops POSLAB touch screen used for the input and storage of bar code
3.The device of trigger and alar: The sensor catches the barcode, and then scan the barcode; according to the bar code in different status, the signal will be sent.

The Barcode Scanner for Industry Automatic Production line

The Effort of Operation:
1.When the bar code is right, light will turn green, and record this correct barcode and time;
2.If the fixed mount barcode reader cannot catch the bar code, the light will turn red, and then move the products directly from production line; if this situation appears for 3 time, the system will alarm and then stop the running of production line.

Shenzhen Rakinda has specialized in IOT (Internet of Things) for 17 years, and we produce LV3000U fixed mount bar code reader, the reading speed is like flying. And it can read OCR code.

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