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Alipay “Double 12” Shopping Carnival in Germany
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-15 | Views:575

“Double 12” December 12 Shopping Carnival has been popular in China for years and it is another great e-commerce promotion after “Double 11”. This year Alipay introduced this shopping carnival to Germany.
On Dec 11, many Chinese customers in Germany come to Rossmann, which is biggest household chemicals supermarket in Germany. Thomas Derksen, which is an internet celebrity and has many Chinese fans were also invited to this supermarket to join this event.

Alipay has entered into German market from 2015. Till now, the number of merchants who accept QR code payment in their stores has been more than 4000. Rossmann is the biggest merchant who supports Alipay QR code payment. More than 2000 Rossmann chain stores in Germany open Alipay QR code payment channel now. It is an attractive thing for local Chinese and Chinese tourists. Other well-known brands, such as SWAROVSKI, Zwilling, Tod’s、Timberland、the North Face、Gucci, which are mainly German brands or European brands, stores also support Alipay now.

Alipay “Double 12” Shopping Carnival in Germany

The Rossmann chief of Chinese market said that they noticed many Chinese customers ask them whether Alipay can be used in their store and then they come to know that Alipay is a very popular mobile payment method in China.
After Alipay channel has opened this April, many customers posted this information on their social media, which promotes our brand and attracts many new customers and also bring us close to Chinese customers.

According to the data provided by Alipay ANT Financial, merchants who will provide “Double 12” sales promotion for Chinese tourists will exceed 100 thousand globally, covering shopping, food, travel, and tourism.
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