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The First "Video Stamps" in the World, Scan 2D Code
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-04 | Views:435

With the development of barcode technology and the popularity of smartphones, “scan code ” has become a trend of large exhibition ticketing.

Australia Post has launched a video stamp that contained personal video messages, the recipients can use their smartphones to read. The Australian Post said the video stamps will allow senders to send a personalized 15-second video at the same time as the parcel, belong to “global initiative.”

This stamp is free for use until Christmas, from the November 11th until December 25th. The sender just uses a smartphone to scan the stamp, then records a personal greeting by mobile phone software of the video stamp provided by the post office, and attaches the stamp to the package. The recipient can scan the stamp with their mobile phones to watch the video message after receiving the parcel.

The First “Video Stamps” in the World, Scan 2D Code to Watch Personalized Video Blessing in Australia

The Australian Post launched that and hopes it will attract more users in the coming Christmas season. The sender can download the App client software by the smartphone or tablet to from their official website to scan this QR code on the stamp, then use the application that is built-in Client to record a video file that is not more than 15 seconds. The video information is stored on this special stamp. The user only needs to send the letter stamped with the stamp within 12 hours and the self-recorded video file will be stored in the Australian Post Office’s database.

When your relatives or friends receive the letter or package, they can view the video message by reading 2d barcode on the stamp with the decoding software on their mobile phone or other smart terminals. Each stamp also comes with a unique 8-digit code. If your relatives and friends are still using traditional mode phones or do not have the required barcode scanner, as long as they enter the 8 digit codes on the post office’s official website, they also can read the video information. The video information stored in the stamps will be retained in the post office’s database for three months and the user may choose to download and also share the video on social media.

At present, video stamps are listed at all post offices at the same price as ordinary stamps in Australia. Australia Post has produced 3 million video stamps, each one has its own unique encoding. It is reported that the stamp will be piloted during Christmas.

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