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Rakinda Cooperate with Shangri-La Hotels And Resorts
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-30 | Views:441

Recently, after Shangri-La Hotel Group is familiar with the function of RD4100 Phone Barcode Reader for billing artifact fast. After testing and the small batch order of RD4100 scanner, it is used widely in Shangri-La Hotel. And it becomes more and more popular.

After you go out from the hotel, you need the worker to print the Invoice. It takes some time to print because you need to show the information to the worker and then they put them into computer and then print the invoice out.
How about that there is one software? Firstly, you put the information in on APP, and there will be one barcode; when you need the invoice, scan the barcode by one QR code reader module, the information will be transferred into computer and then printed it directly. How easy it is.

rd4100 barcode scanner

The advantage of this Round black bar code reader is as follows:
1.It solves the problem of inefficient hotel billing;
2.It is fast; it only takes 5 seconds to billing;
3.It reduces the error rate of hotel billing, because it inputs information directly;
4.The interface of RD4100 scanner is USB, it is just a player; it is easy to use; it is safe.
5.It is the function of payment. Phone payment becomes more and more popular; To scan the payment barcode on phone before this reader. It is okay.

Phone payment becomes hot, for example, Wechat Pay, Alipay, Google Pay, Apple Pay. So we design, especially for this big project. We designed the desktop RD4100 QR code scanner and LV4500R fixed mount bar code reader.

Any interest, please feel free to contact us. Rakinda, China Top Supplier of Barcode Reader in IOT industry.

Rakinda Cooperate with Shangri-La Hotels And Resorts

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