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Desktop Barcode Scanner Used in Meeting
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-28 | Views:418

Nowadays, the application of QR code is becoming more and more extensive. It is also common for various types of meetings to register member information by using QR codes. Not only expedited the check-in process but also more convenient for the management of the meeting.

QR Code registration technology is a new type of authentication technology in the meeting.Attending the meeting of the membership information stored in the 2D Barcode. Via the Internet technology (or SMS) to generate “QR code electronic invitation letter” and then sent to the guest by mobile phone. When guests registering at the site, the staff can read and identify the phone screen QR code of the guest through the specific desktop barcode scanner, thus realizing the function of speed check-in and statistics.

Desktop Barcode Scanner Used in Meeting

Procedures for the user desktop barcode scanner check-in:
1. The guest enters the meeting system to sign up by using mobile APP;
2. The guest obtains the QR code electronic invitation via the Internet (or SMS);
3.On-site registration show “QR code electronic invitation letter”, the staff through specific QR code scanner to read the “QR code electronic invitation letter” from guests’ mobile phone, and then the system will quickly identify and verify membership information;
4.According to the online registration record, the organizer will count the information of relevant members.

Desktop Barcode Scanner Used in Meeting

What is a good barcode scanner to recommend for the meeting?
The RD4100 desktop barcode scanner provides a more user-friendly experience to customers.At the same time, the RD4100 barcode reader to help the meeting mobile platform to connect lots of guests for promoting the second marketing in the future.
At present, the RD4100 desktop 2d barcode scanner’s application has been promoted in the world’s many meetings and hotel and it gets many praises from administrators and guests.

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