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Smart Trash Can—Scanning Barcode To Classify Management
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-18 | Views:667

In daily life, the trash can have been everywhere.But because of the lack of intelligent classification system and regulatory mechanisms,”garbage classification” is not be concerned.Therefore, Rakinda company together with self-service terminal manufacturers and software vendors together introduced a set of two-dimensional code classification management applications for intelligent trash cans.Nurturing the people garbage classification habits, to help the city green development.

Intelligent trash by the classification cabinet and pick up cabinet composition. Each garbage dispenser corresponds to the classification information of the two-dimensional code’s garbage bag, and the user can receive the garbage bag by using the mobile phone APP.The APP application can automatically generate QR code by filling in personal information, then the smart trash can scan the screen QR code to receive the garbage bag.

Smart Trash Can—Scanning Barcode To Classify Management

Users will put the garbage into different types of garbage bags.When you want to put the garbage into the trash cans, just scanning the garbage bag’s two-dimensional code by the smart trash can 2d barcode scanner window, you can open the corresponding trash can.

In this intelligent application, the intelligent trash can through 2d barcode scanner module’s the barcode automatic identification, acquisition and data transmission performance, to achieve community waste classification management.

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1.RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Scanner/Reader Module-Can be embedded into Smart Trash Can directly.

rakinda 4500r barcode scanner module

RD4500R 2d barcode reader module has a interface is USB or RS232,it read bar code accuracy can reach 10mil. At the same time, small streamlined design, in addition to the perfect embedded in the various types of self-service machines to use,it also can be directly placed in the external to use,very nice.

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