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QR Code Way In Exhibition
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-15 | Views:403

As the international salesperson and the international purchaser, export and import exhibitions are the useful methods to find right suppliers and potential-cooperate customers. Although the B2B internet markets develop fast, thousands of businessmen still love the exhibitions, because they are able to establish the truth and business relationship directly and watch the products easily. So the mountain and see people are in exhibit. A question is coming, how to make the admission certificates.

One experience that before we attend the Canton Fair, it takes us many days to prepare the admission certificates; firstly we finish the information on Internet, and secondly waits the result of checking; if everything is okay, finally we take them from the government office. Really it is a little difficult.

Best idea to solve the question–Internet+ self-service of making certificate.

barcode scanner module in exhibition

With the popularity of bar code, why not use this way to solve the complex matter?
Firstly, you focus on the official public number of exhibition, and finish the registration information, and then scan the bar code to do the Exhibitor Pass, finally everything is okay.It is the famous barcode way.

In shenzhen exhibitions, there are some volunteer helping the participants to finish all the works before the Kiosk.And there are bar code scanner module embedded in kiosk to read the code, and with the ticket system of exhibit, kisok will print the exhibitor pass immediately. It only takes several minute.

Rakinda, as the top supplier of bar code scanner, designed the LV4500 series scanner under this situation to lead the bar code industry.

4500 series barcode scanner module

LV4500 bar code scanner module is not only used in self-service Kiosk in exhibition, but also other kiosk, for examble KFC self-book kiosk, and kiosk in park.
LV4500 with four 4 white light, this design keep the it works well even in the dark.

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