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Blood Station Service, Bar Code Numbering System
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-21 | Views:498

“Please Come the first window holding Umber 5”, this is the numbering system in Suzhou Center Blood Station. Everyone who donates blood does not need to wait for a long time to take the blood sample.

The Blood donors take numbers through reading the bar code and then have a rest waiting for the numbering machine to remind them of every information, and based on this information, they know how to do next.

Noted that, based on numbering system on the blood station, there is bar code scanner module to collect data, and then transfer the information; these systems lead the donors to finish the whole process from queuing to take blood; it reduces the stress of crowded people.

The numbering machine improves the Standard of service, and make work fast. Shenzhen Rakinda supply the series of bar code scanner module to help the manufacturer of the kiosk to improve the development. There are many kinds of barcode scanner, 1D bar code scanner module, 2D bar code scanner module, embedded bar code scanner module, external bar code scanner module.

barcode scanner module

As for the numbering system, the best choice is LV4500 series bar code scanner module; they are LV4500R bar code scanner with glass; LV4500I bar code scanner without glass; they are able to read LCD barcode fast even in the dark, and LV3000R bar code scanner module it is able to read printed bar code fast and it is available to program again.

And there is LV3096 2D CMOS mini barcode scanner module for Medical Tablet.
And all of the 2D bar code scanners with high performance can read the three main barcodes, PDF417, QR code and DM code.

barcode scanner module
With the development of technology, the scanner module is also used widely in the word, for example, Logical, Supermarket, Subway, Bus Payment, even in the smart Appliances, and that will make live more easily.

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