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Buy Fresh Juice, Just Scan Barcode
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-14 | Views:513

Recently, a shopping mall in Shenzhen surprise discovery sells the fresh juice that is squeezed just now, the reader of the vending machine will scan your barcode to pay for from mobile phone! It is understood that self-help fresh fruit juice vending machine by bar code reader expansion sweep payment window, Click to buy after brush Alipay / micro letter payment code,1 minute after the automatic production of a cup of refreshing fresh fruit juice. Easy to operate and novel, attracted many people onlookers and experience.

self-help fresh fruit vending machine

Editor to see that this machine shell and the traditional vending machine is almost the same, above the transparent storage warehouse piled bright oranges, the right side of the touch screen operation is the “cash recognition window” and “sweep payment window.”  Consumers simply click on the operation screen to select “cash purchase” or “Alipay WeChat purchase”, pay the success can start the machine to produce fruit juice. “Juice squeezed and then sell fully automatic, payment can also brush Alipay, micro letter.” Ms. Liu told the editor, has come a few times, feel fun, fresh, and natural health.


The self-help fresh fruit juice vending machine, sell the fresh juice that is squeezed just now, automatic and natural fitness, is one of the latest upgrade applications in the self-service industry. This time, fresh fruit juice vending machine embedded barcode reader, the integration of two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet data transmission technology, expand the sweep payment function to meet the development trend of mobile payment, so as to further enhance the user experience.

Shenzhen Rakinda specializes in self-service terminal dedicated embedded barcode scanner module and solutions for the self-service industry to upgrade the industry and innovation and development to provide new impetus. Welcome interested friends to inquire!

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