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Class take attendance have a new idea —— 2 d code scanner sweep sign
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-03-29 | Views:605

To enhance the students to the rate, some colleges and universities in Shenzhen into the classroom two-dimensional codesign system software, combined with RD4100 two-dimensional code scanner, students just use the phone brush about two-dimensional code, you can complete the sweep check sign.

class take attendance

According to reports, the system is divided into teachers and students side, students in the classroom to enable mobile client, point to open the school sign to get signed two-dimensional code, RD4100 two-dimensional code scanner on the brush, verify the success can be completed sign, At the same time students sign the information real-time input teacher-side database for real-time view of the teacher. Need to pay attention to the time, students sign a few seconds will be automatically replaced once, to avoid the student screenshots sign the issue. If students forget the phone, you can apply for a supplement to the teacher.

“After the school used the two-dimensional code sign to the system, the student’s attendance rate increased, early retirement rate and absenteeism rate decreased, it can be very effective to help me urge the students to class.” a teacher Zhang of Shenzhen said.


rd4100 scan code

RD4100 scan code to sign the application to expand the classroom to sign a new model, making the school students to class rate significantly improved. At present, in addition to class use sweep code sign form, the other student activities and lectures are also used to sign this way.

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