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RK2621 Bluetooth/Wireless 1D Scanner

Category:Handheld Scanner

Product ID:RK2621


Product Introduction:Handheld Bluetooth/Wireless 1D Barcode Scanner Transmission distance 150m, intelligent automatic connection when it’s beyond range


◆ Ergonomic design, comfortable using.
◆ Read all mainstream 1D barcodes in the market easily. (3mil)
◆ Mode: Bluetooth(HID,SPP,BLE), wired, wireless 2.4G, connected with PC, mobile phone
◆ Dual mode: wired, wireless, Ultra-low power consumption, continuous working time 20h.
◆ Transmission distance 150m, intelligent automatic connection when it’s beyond range,
not manual setting.

◆ Widely used in supermarket, warehouse, mobile payment, chain stores.


Weight:≈160g(without cable)

Dimension:L150mm * W70mm * H95mm

Interface Type:USB

Communication way:USB, Wireless Bluetooth & 2.4G

Power supply:DC 5V@100mA(Work)

Scan Type:Linear CCD

Light Source:Visible red light,625±10nm



Resolution:≥3mil/0.1mm(PCS90%、Code 39)

Decoding speed:300times/s

Depth of field:10mm-600mm

Scan Mode:Manual, Continuous, Auto sense

Print Contrast Signal:≥20%

Ambient Light:Indoor natural light

Scan angle:Roll±30°、Pitch±60°、Ske±60°(PCS90%、Code 39、


Wireless communication mode Synchronous , asynchronous, storage mode

Wireless transmission distance:Bluetooth 50meters

Storage capacity:2M(over 100000 barcode)

Battery capacity:1600mAh

Battery charging time:About 6.5 hours

Continuous working time:≥20 hours


128,GS1-128,ISBT 128,Code 39,Code 93,Code

11,Interleaved 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,Industrial 2 of 5,

Standard 2 of 5(IATA) ,Codabar(NW-7) ,Plessey,

MSI Plessey,RSS,China Post,etc.

Operating temperature:0℃to 50℃

Storage temperature:-20℃to 60℃

Humidity:5% to 95%(non-condensing)

Drop Height:1.5m

Transport vibration Test:10H@125RPM

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