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RK1402 2D barcode scanner

Category:Handheld & Desktop Scanner

Product ID:RK1402


Product Introduction:Excellent 1D/2D barcode reading performance with Automatic exposure control and IP54 protection level


Features: exquisite appearance, international quality, anti-seismic, anti wrestling, high cost performance
Application scope: logistics express supermarket, cashier warehouse management, medical and health production manufacturing bank, financial government agencies, etc.

1. Light sensor double trigger mode
The light sensing module turns on the automatic sensing mode, and when the scanned object approaches the scanning window, the device instantaneously performs fast reading.

2. Excellent 1D/2D barcode reading performance
The self-developed core decoding technology can quickly read various types of 1D/2D barcodes and various types of large-volume screen 2D barcodes.

3. Automatic exposure control
The sensor on the device automatically adjusts the fill brightness according to the intensity of the light reflected from the barcode.

4. 1.5 meters anti-drop
1.5 meters of cement floor fell every time

5. IP54 protection level

Prevent foreign matter from intruding and prevent water splashed in all directions from intruding into the equipment and causing damage.

RK1402 2D barcode scanner

Physical parameter
Appearance size: 166mm*107mm*71mm (length * width * height)
Unit weight: 188 grams
Appearance material: ABS TPU90 degree
Interface: TTL-232, USB (HID-KBW, virtual serial port)
Settings: manually scan in order to set bar code

Electrical parameters
Input voltage: DC 4.7V-5V
Operating voltage: DC 3.3V
Operating current: less than 180MA
Standby current: less than 20MA

performance parameter
Resolution: 640*480 CMOS
Light source: 630NM visible red LED
Lighting: white LED
Focus: red LED
Decoding speed: 300 beats per second
Scan angle: the angle of elevation of - 55 degrees - 55 degrees angle 360 Eve joy
Contrast: 25%
Field angle: 42 degrees diagonally
Minimum resolution: 4MIL
Decoding capabilities: 1D:UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN13, EAN8, ISBN/ISSN, 39 codes, 32 codes, crossed 25 codes,Industrial 25 code NW7 (CODEBAR), CODE128, CODE93, CODE11, MSI/Plessey,UCC/EAN128, GS1 (DATABAR) and so on
2D:QR (CODE), DATA MATRIX, PDF417, AZTEC, MAXICODE, Chinese letter code

Depth of field
5MIL (CODE39) 0MM-120MM
10MIL (CODE39) 0MM-280MM
13MIL (UPC-E) 0MM-350MM
20MIL (CODE39) 25MM-480MM
30MIL (CODE39) 15MM-650MM

Environmental parameters:
Operating temperature: -20 C ~+50 C
Storage temperature: -40 C ---70 C
Working humidity: 5%---95% (without condensation)
Ambient light: 0~100000LUX

Safety regulation
EMC electromagnetic compatibility: EN55022, EN55024, I electrical safety: EN60950-1
Sealing grade: IP54 seismic capacity: 1.5 meters high drop to cement ground impact

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