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LV4200 2D Barcode Reader

Category:2D Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Product ID:LV4200


Product Introduction:This compact, lightweight engine fits easily into even the most space-constrained equipment such as data collectors, meter readers, ticket validators and PDAs.



This compact, lightweight engine fits easily into even the most space-constrained equipment such as data collectors, meter readers, ticket validators and PDAs.

The LV4200 OEM scan engines, armed with the Rakinda patented, a computerized image recognition system, bring about a new era of 2D barcode scan engines.

The LV4200 2D barcode decoder chip ingeniously blends technology and advanced chip design & manufacturing, which significantly simplifies application design and delivers superior performance and solid reliability with low power consumption.

The LV4200 fixed mount barcode scanner supports all mainstream 1D and standard 2D barcode symbologies (e.g., PDF417, QR Code

M1/M2/Micro and Data Matrix) as well as GS1-DataBarTM(RSS) (Limited/Stacked/Expanded versions).

It can read barcodes on virtually any medium - paper, plastic card, mobile phones and LCD displays.


Application Scenarios (as an accessory) Self-service cabinets used in e-commerce, express delivery services and smart homes; ATMs; kiosks; queue machines; lottery machines; certificate makers.

1. Technology

Armed with LongView s fifth-generation of technology, the scan engine can decode even poor quality barcodes with ease.

2. Snappy On-Screen Barcode Capture

The LV4200 can capture on -screen barcodes effortlessly even when the screen is covered with protective film or set to its lowest brightness level.

3. Multi-Interface

The LV4200 2D barcode reader supports USB and TTL - 232 interfaces to meet diverse customer needs.

4. Two-In-One Design

Seamless integration of image sensor and decoder board makes the scan engine small, lightweight and easy for integration.

5. Low Power Consumption

The advanced technology incorporated in the scan engine promises low power consumption and prolonged service life.



Image Sensor

752×480 CMOS

Light Source

White LED


2D PDF417, QR Code (QR1/2, Micro), Data Matrix (ECC200, ECC000,

050, 080, 100, 140)


1D Code128, UCC/EAN-128, AIM-128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN/ISSN,

UPC-E, UPC-A, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-6, ITF-4, Matrix 2 of 5,

Industrial 25, Standard 25, Code 39, Codabar, Code 93, Code 11,

Plessey, MSI-Plessey, GS1-DataBarTM(RSS), (RSS-14, RSS-Limited,




Typical Depth of Field

EAN-13 10mm-55mm (13mil)


PDF 417 15mm-35mm (6.67mil)


Data Matrix 15mm-40mm (10mil)


QR Code 10mm-50mm (15mil)

Symbol Contrast

≥30% reflectance difference

Scan Angle**

Roll: 360°, Pitch: ±40°, Skew: ±40°

Field of View

Horizontal 80°, Vertical 56°



TTL-232, USB (HID-KBW, COM Port Emulation, HID-POS)


Operating Voltage




Operating 160mA



Sleep 12mA








Operating Temperature

-20℃~+60℃ (-4°F~140°F)

Storage Temperature



5%~95% (non-condensing)

Ambient Light

0~100000lux (natural light)


USB Cable

Used to connect the LV4200 to a host device.

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