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S3 PDA Barcode Scanner

Category:PDA Barcode Scanner

Product ID:S3


Product Introduction:Support 1d &2d barcode scanning,support NFC function to meet the mobile payment security applications; reserved extended function to meet the needs of different industries.


Product Introduce:

S3 as a 4G all Netcom industry terminals can meet the industry market demand for composite. A single full support for telecommunications, China Unicom, mobile 2G / 3G / 4G network, the hardware no need to change with 3.5-inch mainstream high-definition screen and multi-touch capacitive screen, perfect image can support the needs of different users and support 1d &2d barcode scanning, accurate collection of various types of bar code data; support NFC function to meet the mobile payment security applications; reserved extended function to meet the needs of different industries.

Performance parameter:


Industry terminal S3 is located in the high-end market, which is mainly used in express, rail, port, airport, government, finance, high-end logistics, high-end medical, food traceability, FMCG, high-end manufacturing, mineral development and other high-end customer groups.it can be used for all kinds of applications with the best price.

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