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LV12 1D Barcode Scanner for Our Turnstile
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-10-09 | Views:1132

We have LV12 1D barcode scanner with Keyboard interface for our turnstile; but when we built the scanner into our machine, we found that the converter of turning PS/2 into Weigand, and this converter is not popular on the market. My partner -- Rakinda try his effort to find it for us. Thanks to their help, we finish our project successfully. The LV12 scanners work well, and it is with multi-interfaces-- USB, RS232 and PS/2.

                                                                                              shenouda nabih

LV12 1D Barcode Scanner for Our Turnstile

LV12 1D Barcode Scanner for Our Turnstile


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