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RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Scanner Mdoule
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-10-09 | Views:1875

We are a parking system integrator in Mexico. We are using Rakinda RD4500R in our outdoor parking machine to achieve mobile payment and access by scanning mobile phone screen QR code. Our parking machines are over many cities of Mexico. At the trial stage, we choose Hermosillo city to test the device, because it has a very extreme environmental conditions, -10 in winter to 50 centigrade degrees in summer. We are glad to see that the Rakinda RD4500R fixed mount barcode scanner perform excellently in reading phone screen QR code. Besides, it has industrial enclosure, very durable.

RD4500R Fixed Mount 2D ScannerRD4500R Fixed Mount RD4500I 2D Scanner

The above pictures are the finished parking machine we developed. The second picture is a close-up view of the mounting position of the scanner. Here I want to say “thank you” to Rakinda sales-Jane Liao, who gave me a lot of suggestions about mounting. For example, she suggested adding shelter to protect the scanner from rain, which helps to extend the life of scanner. 

All in all, we are pretty satisfied with the product quality and performance, as well as after-sale service from Rakinda. Thanks again!


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