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Production Line Bar Code System Application
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-30 | Views:815
In the automated assembly line and the processing process, the use of bar code as the main parts marked with bar code labels, through the barcode reader to collect and decode the bar code information into the computer server database, each product and the main components will have a unique Of the bar code, no matter where the product is sent, there will be records. If the quality problems occur, just read the bar code on the warranty card, you can call out the relevant information in the database, to facilitate the product quality tracking and after-sales service.
Production Line Bar Code System Application
1, quality tracking:
By recording and tracking the production of the whole machine and the main parts of the production site, production date, team production line, PCB board version number, batch number and serial number, the number of production materials in all aspects, time, operators and machine number and other relevant information, to establish a good Traceability – can be traced back from the finished product to the raw materials used.
2, the cost of materials control:
Will use all the production of raw materials to establish a unique number, with a bar code label (large free label processing plant), and the establishment of strict picking control. Through each type of product bill of materials, the product production plan is broken down into the material plan, the material balance can be calculated reasonably, and the deviation of the amount of material used in each batch is compared with the standard product.
3, operating time control:
By scanning the operator number, machine number, record the working hours of each operator, the statistical analysis can be calculated for each batch of product operating time and standard operating time deviation.
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