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Vision Industrial Barcode Scanner For Assembly Line
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-30 | Views:823
It includes a set of industrial automation design, manufacturing, processing, sales, and installation. For the production line, the system includes conveyor, turning machine, folding machine, plug-in line, assembly line, lift, drum line, table, assembly line, logistics line, lifting line, oven, double line, industrial oven, drying line, Chain plate line, climbing line, and the moving lines. To change the assembly line. Customers all over the country are trying to bring in industrial automation line.
Vision Industrial Barcode Scanner For Assembly Line
Introduction to the case
Mr.Mohammad is one of the boss of Pakistan Medicine box packaging factory.
He’s been to China to search for the successful and professional solution for his project.
Include the feeding system , the print system ,the scan system , the reject system,all in one machine, so , it need the whole software to combine all of them and finish his project ,but there was still some problem before the project start, cause the packet is so small and slim. Some of packet were just like the ticket ,is so thin and light, so the usual conveyor cannot meet the requirement.
Vision Industrial Barcode Scanner For Assembly Line
So we choose the suction conveyor ,which has the air ejection fan below the machine, so the thin packet will not blow by wind cause when the thin packet pass by conveyor, it have suction by the below wind.
Vision Industrial Barcode Scanner For Assembly Line
Rakinda is his best choice , and rakinda helps him to finish his project,
no matter using the barcode scanner or the visual scanner.
rakinda Vision Industrial Barcode Scanner For Assembly Line
Rakinda has 17 years experience
Your satisfaction is always our pursuit. If you have similar case or you want to learn more details , you can contact us. Rakinda will help you to solve it.
Thank your reading 🙂
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