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Raspberry PI Barcode Scanner Module
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:590

I have two customers who are looking for Raspberry Pi barcode scanner. At this time, I am not clear what is Raspberry PI, and then I chat with our engineer about this question. My engineers informed that regards Raspberry PI as the operating system like Linux. If the interface of raspberry PI is same with the bar code reader, they are able to work well.

The first customers need 1D barcode scanner to connect with the raspberry PI with USB; it is easy. We recommend LV12 1D CCD bar code reader module USB on his request. Firstly, i ask my partner connect Raspberry Pi to other devices with USB to check whether the device works or not; the action is to test whether raspberry PI works well or not; if it works well, and then connect LV12 1D barcode reader to the raspberry PI, they will cooperate well. After testing, it is suitable to their project.

Raspberry PI Barcode Scanner Module

The second customers need 2D QR code scanner to connect with raspberry Pi with TTL232; he bought LV3096 mini QR code scan engine directly through Aliexpress. I send the way of TTL232 to my customers, it helps my partner to connect the Raspberry Pi with the scanners; While there is a trouble, when they connect well, the scanner does not work. What is the matter? We ask our partner to check if the light of scanner is on or off; he told me that the light is off. That is to say, it is not power on. That is to say, there is a trouble of connect way. Finally, he finds the question, and this project is successful.

Raspberry PI Barcode Scanner Module

Rakinda is the professional supplier of barcode readers; we will help the partners to find the right bar code scan engine on their request, and offer them the good service. Any interest in bar code reader, please feel free to contact us.

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