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New Popular Barcode Scanner Module Application Case – the Electronic Social Insurance Card
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:349
The application cases relating barcode application is vey popular with people in the rapid development in China, especially in first-tier cities. Recently, the electronic social insurance card was launched officially in Hangzhou. Citizens only need to open the mobile App “Alipay” and add their electronic social insurance card, then it will generate a personal 2D code that could be scanned for the purpose of seeking medical advice, with buying medicine and medical insurance settlement, in this way the application process of social insurance is simplified. Rakinda’s device is essential to the smooth application of the electronic social insurance card. In the hospital, Rakinda barcode reader engine can be seen everywhere including the hospital’s self-service machine and the doctor’s office desk top.
New Popular Barcode Scanner Module Application Case – the Electronic Social Insurance Card
RD4500I, fixed mount 2D barcode scanner module, plays an important role in self-service machines. The hospital’s self-service machines are embedded with the barcode scan engine RD4500I. Citizens just need to scan the electronic social insurance card on their mobile phone on top of the scanning window in order to complete a series of operations including registration and payment on the self-service machine so that they could have convenient interactive experience.
RD4500I barcode scanner module for self-service machine
RD4500I, with a durable metal housing, making it ideal for various self-service applications, and can instantly start up and turn on the fast infrared sensor when the object is approaching. So it is an ideal choice for the self-service terminals to scan barcode on phone or tablet screen.
This 2D code scanner is enclosed by an IP55-rated and ruggedized housing, its aggressive reading capability is guaranteed even in the harshest environment. If you have any interestes, please contact me freely.
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