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Application of 2D Barcode
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-06-12 | Views:606
Rakinda has been major in IOT technology for 18 years, and about the application of 2D barcode, is It permeates every aspect of our lives. and we have also helped many friends and customers solve the problem in many aspects.

2d barcode has high storage capacity big, the secrecy is high, the traceability, strong resistance to damage, redundant features such as high power, the cost is cheap, especially suitable for the form, the features, security, tracking, licenses and inventory, data redundancy, and other fields.
rakinda barcode scanner modules
The application of 2d barcode is listed below:
1. Form application:
The exchange of document forms, business forms, import and export declarations, manifests, etc., to reduce manual duplication of form data, avoid human error, and reduce labor costs.
2. Confidential application:
Encryption and transmission of confidential information such as business intelligence, economic intelligence, political intelligence, military intelligence, private intelligence, etc.
3. Tracking application:
Document automatic tracking, automatic production line parts automatic tracking, customer service tracking, mail-order delivery maintenance records of automatic tracking, automatic tracking, dangerous goods automatic tracking, automatic tracking, medical check-up in supply automatic tracking, ecological research (animals and birds...)
Automatic tracking, etc.
4. License application:
Passport, identity card, card, driver's license, the membership and identification CARDS, chains etc together data registration card and automatic input, play "increases with the increase to read", "immediately taking" information management effect.
5. Inventory application:
The logistics center, warehousing center, the goods and fixed assets of the logistics center are automatically counted, and the effect of "immediate inventory and immediate decision" is played.
6. Backup application:
File the information form if unwilling or unable to disk, CD and other electronic media storage redundancy, can use 2d barcode to store redundant, easy to carry, not afraid of fold, save time, can be photocopied and fax, do more backup. Rakinda will keep going on the way.

Rakinda, as a leading supplier of Auto-ID products, including all kinds of barcode scanner and android PDA, can provide both hardware and software to meet your diverse demands.
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