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RFID Improves the Operational Efficiency of Smart Retail Terminals
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-05-03 | Views:651
With the popularization of new retail concepts, major retail giants have tried unmanned retail scenes, and RFID technology has appeared frequently. What kind of scene applications can be effectively implemented through RFID technology? 

On April 25th, the leading figure in the RFID industry will address the topic of “How RFID Technology Improves the Operational Efficiency of Smart Retail Terminals” at the 2018 (13th) RFID World Congress, starting from the actual application scenarios and the store operation process. We elaborated on how RFID technology can enable retail terminals to fully solve the problems of loss prevention, cash register, receipt and shipment, fitting, and investment management. Combined with the case analysis of traditional retail stores and commercial supermarkets to maximize the value of the application of RFID technology, let the retail industry plug in smart wings.

This reporter learned that the 2018 (13th) RFID World Congress and the 2017 “IoTing Star” brand enterprise award ceremony was sponsored by the China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance. The conference will invite more than 400 outstanding enterprises in the industry chain of the RFID industry, leading experts in the industry, and representatives of RFID terminal users to participate in the conference to share the most representative examples of technological breakthroughs in the RFID industry and successful applications in the RFID industry in the past year.
RFID Improves the Operational Efficiency of Smart Retail Terminals
On April 25, 2018, let's continue to meet the Suzhou International Expo Center Jinji Lake International Conference Center, face up with industry experts to talk about new developments in the industry and witness another important milestone in the global RFID industry.

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