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Dash Wand was Introduced free by Amazon to Pilot the New Way of Shopping
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-22 | Views:862

Recently, Amazon released a new product called Dash Wand built-in intelligent voice assistant Alexa by way of video on the official website, users can interact with it through voice with more convenient shopping.

Dash Wand was Introduced free by Amazon to Pilot the New Way of Shopping

Black and white color Dash Wand’s appearance looks like a flashlight, its length is about 14.2 cm, with a speaker, a microphone and a bar code scanner, the user can orders from Amazon by voice assistant Alexa, also scan the bar code directly to discharge the product into their own Amazon account virtual shopping cart. As long as there is such a product on Amazon, Dash Wand can add anything you scan. If not, it will add a placeholder to the shopping cart, allowing you to choose a similar product. If scanning the barcode is not successful, you can also use voice to add items to the shopping cart, which is very easy. After which only the Amazon website or mobile phones and other mobile devices to confirm your order, you can also cancel the order within a certain period , but the service is currently only applicable to the Prime members in the United States.

As early as 2014, Amazon introduced a combination of hardware to improve the shopping experience of hardware product Amazon Dash, it can be very convenient to buy goods in the Amazon by this smart device users, although afterwards Amazon is also introduced a number of keys to stimulate Dash Button user consumption, but the scanner has not been updated, and now Amazon has brought a new generation of Amazon Dash scanner, while retaining the original excellent shopping experience, this intelligent device can do more things, and now The product has been on sale in the United States Amazon.

rakinda lv3296 barcode scanner module can be embedded into Dash Wand

Rakinda, a leading manufacturer, whose OEM barcode scan engine that can be embedded into Dash Wand for printed barcode to read bar code or QR code quickly with low cost, Have any interests, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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