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How Barcodes Technology Brings Christmas Gifts to Your Doorstep So Fast?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-27 | Views:524

Pallets of products are picked off from high shelves and thousands of barcode labels or 2D code are scanned and uploaded into various systems. Trucks are waiting in line outside warehouses to transport goods to distribution centers, and some of it even gets loaded into containers or airplanes. A century ago, nowadays process of getting your holiday orders delivered would have seemed as magical as Santa’ s reindeer-driven sleigh! It is unbelievable! How does it all happen?

Thanks to barcode tracking technology, we realize such high efficiency in logistics. Most of people buy Christmas gifts in early December or even in the week of Christmas day. You have so many choices both offline or online. But for merchants, they have prepared such gifts even in August. How will they pick up the goods? It is not good for them to keep much stock after holiday. They analyze the sales record from historical data and predict the goods which will be popular and then begin to purchase and transport them. Barcode plays an important roles during this whole process. The big data is based on the data uploaded. How do we record the data? It is barcode information.

How Barcodes Technology Brings Christmas Gifts to Your Doorstep So Fast?

First of all, major retailers will give each new product a stock keeping unit (SKU) number that will eventually go on the product label in barcode form. Products are kept in warehouse orderly because labels are scanned into warehouse management system to keep records. The retailers can easily check what they have and what they need.
After the products are sold out, the express companies will deliver your Christmas gifts right to your doorstep. We can track the delivery process online. This can be realized also due to barcode.

While enjoying our precious and happy Christmas holiday, hope you can know something about barcode. If you are interested in barcode scanner items, please kindly contact Rakinda.

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