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Rakinda LV1000R scanner module for factory production lines
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-13 | Views:540

Now a lot of factory production lines in the equipment configuration have carried out technical reforms, they are now using embedded automatic identification scanning module to replace the traditional manual testing, thus greatly speeding up the factory manufacturing in the production speed, in order to workers bring more convenience and save labor.

Rakinda LV1000R scanner module for factory production lines

How to put a new barcode scanning module into the automatic detection mode required by industrial assembly line?
1, Pipeline detection and scanning Barcode requirements are real-time, speed as fast as possible.
2.Due to the complexity of assembly line operations, it becomes difficult and impossible for IR to check if there is a need to scan.
3, the assembly line usually have a strong job of the light-assisted operator, for the bar code scanning module interference.

There are some other Applications scenarios, for example, we barcode scanning module, for example, to explain the following settings Select without the auto-sensing mode of the scanning module, turn on the auto-scan mode, when a bar code scanning module will be automatically scanned.Because of the photosensitive characteristics of the barcode scan engine, it has a wider scanning light band and has a longer scanning time to read after the bar code of the light band, so the accuracy is 100%.Simple scan setting code, you can power-save settings, complete a scan module settings. Further assembling and packing.

Rakinda Shenzhen can supply LV1000R 1D scanner module which is using on factory productions lines and is designed for OEM applications, this high performance fixed CCD scan engine can easily be integrated into various solutions Barcode scanning module settings are similar, please refer to the setup manual and manual for details. If you have difficulty setting it up, please contact Rakinda, our technical support engineers and we will be happy to help you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in.

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