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RFID With Tobacco Industry
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-01 | Views:377

How the RFID solution for the tobacco industry? How the RFID solution for the tobacco industry?1.System ProfileTobacco is an indispensable raw material for the tobacco industry. Tobacco leaves need to be resurfaced in a hot and humid environment before they can be used. Rakinda tracking management system, by the use of RFID technology, can achieve real-time control of tobacco out of storage control, but also on the formulation of the error correction, recipe tracking control and management, timely correction to ensure the uniformity of tobacco in the formulation process.

RFID With Tobacco Industry
2. System CompositionRFID tags, readers, antennas, mobile readers, background management software.

RFID With Tobacco Industry
3.Work ProcessIn the production of sacks, electronic tags will be stitched to sacks, tobacco into sacks. The RFID reader will be related to the leaf tobacco information such as acquisition time, grade, weight, etc. into the label; It needs to be read when dialing labels to confirm. The bags of tobacco leaves are sent out from the smokestacks. When the tobacco leaves the central warehouse, unloading is carried out, and the label information is read at the entrance. According to the information obtained by the tobacco inspectors, the quality inspectors will sample 30% of the tobacco leaves to confirm whether the tobacco grade is accurate.

RFID With Tobacco Industry
4.System Advantages  ◇ with long-distance rapid identification, intelligent control, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation, easy to expand and so on.◇ With a unique RFID number tracking tobacco leaves on each tobacco, the establishment of safe and reliable product files.◇ convenient real-time query tobacco in the circulation process of the relevant records, provide the basis for quality tracing.◇ automation instead of manual management, management more convenient and efficient production efficiency.5. System implementation benefitsThe adoption of advanced RFID technology can improve the management level of tobacco leaves, effectively improve the quality status of tobacco leaves in warehousing and logistics, reduce the loss and increase the effective utilization rate of tobacco leaves.

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