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A Robust Scanner Used In Factory Production Line
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-22 | Views:389

A factory’s production line can be busy every day, a suitable industrial scanning module can scan any surface barcode, including the mobile phone display. Customers are rapidly adopting mobile barcodes that can be carried on mobile phones, such as electronic tickets, boarding passes, and scorecards. At the same time can read the barcode on mobile phones screens, users can always handle the next generation of barcodes to protect customer convenience, customer service quality, and employee productivity.

In addition, the barcode type and width (such as barcode system, median, density, etc.), bar code paste the direction and position parallel to the scan light or vertical, the speed of the line, scan distance (barcode and scanner distance requirements) Will affect the barcode scanning module performance in the pipeline.

The following factors need to be considered when selecting the barcode scanner in the production line: ① barcode type and barcode widths, such as the barcode system, the number of digits and the density; ② the direction and position of the barcode paste, and the scanning light parallel or vertical? ③ pipeline speed; ④ scanning distance, barcode and the distance between the scanner requirements; ⑤ conveyor vibration; ⑥ stent installation, Whether it is necessary to form a network access to the same server or PLC; ⑨ and background application interface.

A Robust Scanner Used In Factory Production Line

The LV3000R from Rakinda is an excellent choice for industrial pipelining applications that meet the needs of both the mounting and the scanning distance. In addition, it’s compact and easy to use mosaic features, the use of advanced scanning technology and other characteristics, have made this product stand out in many industrial scanning modules. Even in harsh industrial conditions of production, this 1D/2D fixed barcode scanner has an IP54 rating making it dust & water-proof.

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