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Mobile Payment By RD4100 Reader For Parking&Retailer
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-22 | Views:408

Mobile Payment By RD4100 Reader For Parking&Retailer Times is coming fast to make our life more intelligent and convenient.

Experience “Tao Coffee” is Alibaba’s first public appearance of the unmanned shop, 200 square meters of area can accommodate 50 people at the same time shop in the shop. Express reporter found that consumers need to open the phone Taobao scan a specific 2D barcode and click on the authorization, holding a new generation of 2D barcode in the gate machine sweep, a sweep before the store. Sweep through the gate machine, the phone can be put away, concentrate on buying.In the dining area, the reporter said to the waiter, “I want a cup of hot latte”, the required goods will be quickly recognized by the voice recognition system and display to the screen in front of reporters. “Confirm payment?” Answer “confirm”, the corresponding money will be deducted from the Alipay account. In the meal will not boring, all the images of the cafe will be projected onto a large open screen, next to each person with a corresponding mealtime tips. There are also interactive tables that can be automatically split in order to learn more.Many car parking owners wonder how to use the QR code scanner for packing payment as below pics to improve the speed.

Mobile Payment By RD4100 Reader For Parking&Retailer

Before leaving the store will go through a “payment door”, which consists of two doors, through the “payment door” within a few seconds, the user will be automatically charged.

But there is The problem that In the actual experience because it is a highly dependent on the network of the real-time system, the day the venue more people slow speed case, some key subsystems of the reaction speed is relatively slow. In addition, the current system is still testing the perfect stage, the user to cover the goods, while wearing sunglasses and hats and other special scenes recognition rate will be slightly worse.

Mobile Payment By RD4100 Reader For Parking&Retailer

More and more retailer shops only need one person to do all sales and service work after using the scanning payment, they can finish the payment work efficiently than before a lot.

It requires not only need a good internet but the scanner module should be excellent, Shenzhen Rakinda can provide RD4100 scanner module is specialized in phone screen code on QR barcode.

RAKINDA engaged in barcode technology research and development for more than 17 years, we have a mature R & D team and overseas markets, we can help you quickly and easily realize the unattended dream.

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