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Rakinda LV3096 2D Barcode scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-20 | Views:404

With the development of Internet automatic identification technology, the development of 2d barcode scanning equipment market into a new stage of full upgrading. Enterprises must meet the market development as soon as possible in order to catch the opportunities in the fierce market competition.

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology the pulse of the development of the times, in order to help domestic and foreigner enterprises to quickly and low-cost technology upgrades, Rakinda independent research and development to create a reliable LV3096 2d barcode scanning module, through automatic identification Technology to achieve data collection, through Bluetooth \ WIFI \ 3G wireless and other functions, the completion of data transmission, retail business to provide the best information technology solutions.

Rakinda LV3096 2D Barcode scanner

Shenzhen Rakinda, LV3096 Barcode Scanner Module weighs only 5 grams and fits easily into even the most space-constrained equipment and the small size such as data collectors, meter readers, ticket validator and PDAs. Low current draw of the devices allows the modules to be integrated with minimal mechanical modifications.The LV3096 barcode scanner Module also features an industrial grade sensor with no moving parts to wear out and the product is carefully designed based on years of industry knowledge for easy integration into OEM devices.

The program is mainly based on mobile intelligent terminals, barcode technology as the core, the wireless network as a transmission medium, so that sales staff can real-time, efficient and dynamic understanding of store products inventory information and sales management; the same time, with Bluetooth printers, sales staff can On-site sales documents print, print documents also have the barcode information to facilitate cashiers to use the scanner to cash in time to reduce the checkout time.

In the future, Shenzhen Rakinda will continue to focus on the new developments in the mobile Internet industry and continue to introduce new ideas to help enterprises complete the mobile revolution.

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