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Self-service Machine Embed Barcode Scanner Module To Achieve barcode Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-08 | Views:598

Once upon a time, automatic vending machines as an important sales channel retail industry, on the one hand, to save rent and labor costs, on the other hand, can quickly lay the channel, take advantage of the current development of the retail industry, attract the attention of many brands.

However, with the deep development of scan payment, the traditional self-service vending machine payment model (cash, coins, credit card, etc.) limitations gradually highlighted, greatly reduced operational convenience. How to make the self-service machine to achieve the scan code payment is the focus of self-service machine manufacturers to pay attention.

Self-service Machine Embed Barcode Scanner Module To Achieve barcode Payment

As a scan code payment brand scheme, Shenzhen Rakinda has launched the 4500 series scanning module to provide the most suitable scanning and payment module selection and application for self-service machine manufacturers.

According to the introduction, with help the 4500 series module, self-service vending machine integrated barcode scanning, and data transmission performance, combined with payment system docking Alipay, WeChat payment interface, integrated scanning payment function, to provide users with a new Internet payment experience.

4500 series barcode scanner module

It is worth mentioning that, 4500 series barcode scanning module using CMOS image technology and the international leading level of intelligent image recognition system, reading performance, you can easily read the phone screen and paper documents on the bar code information, Payment and other fields with perfect performance.

At present, the 4500 series barcode scanner module is widely used in retail vending machines, catering buffet machine, ticketing vending machines, lottery machines and so on. With high-quality scanning performance and perfect compatibility, 4500 series scanning module by more and more customers praise. If you are interested in such applications may wish to inquire!

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