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Vending Machine Scan Payment Mode Drawbacks
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-05 | Views:593

Two-dimensional code payment “scan mode” and appear fraud again! Recently, The public Mr. Wang in the subway station vending machine to buy drinks, met a fake payment code, money paid, but did not get that drink.

According to Mr. Wang introduced him in the subway station on a vending machine to buy drinks, when he want to payment to see the vending machine at a prominent position have a two-dimensional code, then use the phone with Alipay scan to pay 4 yuan. But the payment is successful, did not see the beverage.


Subsequently, Mr. Wang called a vending machine service number. A person in charge of Xu said that the payment two-dimensional code is someone intentionally posted up to mislead consumers, such incidents occurred about two weeks ago, received a number of complaints. Has been alarm processing, already organization staff to clear, but still will be a similar incident.

In view of the fact that the two-dimensional code payment “scan mode” payment code is forged, the replacement risk is higher, the self-service terminal publisher recommends that the user adopts “scanned mode”. Extension of the subway vending machine embedded two-dimensional code scanning module, combined with self-service cash register system, expand the “scanned mode” cash register services. Users only need to pay the phone payment code in the self-service machine scan window scan can be.

Vending Machine Scan Payment Mode Drawbacks

The user only needs to show the payment code, all collection operations by the system self-service to complete. Compared with the “scan mode”, “scanned mode” from the technical level of strict encryption, reducing the payment two-dimensional code is malicious tampering the possibility and better protection of personal information.

For the scan of the “scan mode” application vulnerability, Shenzhen Rakinda launched self-service vending machine dedicated embedded scanning payment module and application program, help self-service terminal manufacturers to expand the safe and efficient “scanned mode” of the cash register channels to enhance user experience.

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