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Thumbs Up! Scan Two-dimensional Code Can Take The Subway Or Bus!
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-02 | Views:442

Dongguan bus card upgrade, in the future brush mobile phone two-dimensional code can take the subway bus! Recently, Dongguan passes the city track company, China UnionPay to equity cooperation way to carry out Dongguan Tong cooperation projects. The future, Dongguan bus card upgrade to the bank card standard, the virtual transformation, after the show mobile phone two-dimensional code, you can take the bus, subway.

At present, Dongguan Tong card total issued 2616000, to achieve the city’s bus subway card full coverage, but the Dongguan company in the development process also encountered institutional constraints, lack of talent, business bottlenecks, fierce competition, poor exchange and other issues.

Thumbs Up! Scan Two-dimensional Code Can Take The Subway Or Bus!

In this scenario, Dongguan will play a unified standard and payment network of UnionPay system, fill the shortcomings of the current financial payment license plate, and in the mobile payment can be a higher level. In addition, due to the unified bank card standards, Dongguan pass on the Yangcheng pass, Ling Nantong process will speed up.

As a public transport scan payment program providers, Shenzhen Rakinda launched the smart bus/subway mobile payment application program, based on “Internet +” thinking mode of innovation, into the portable smartphone into a smooth bus card to meet the diversified passenger payment Demand at the same time, help the public transport efficient operation.

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