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Scanning Module In The Self-service Terminal Is The New Fashion
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-17 | Views:451

Phone replace the wallet, let two-dimensional code scanning module is the new fashion. In the mobile Internet trend, some banks and Internet financial platform committed to the mobile phone payment, people eat, shop, taxi, accommodation and other mobile phone payment to become a new fashion, but also to enjoy more convenience and benefits.

barcode Scanning Module In The Self-service Terminal

“A few days ago, my daughter to accompany me to go shopping to see the movie, from the trip taxi, shopping pay, dinner reservations, watching movies and so on are the daughter to pay with the phone, did not use any cash, just let my eye-opener. Chen aunt told that she decided to start learning the use of mobile phones on their own go out can also save a lot of trouble.

“Go out of the house, the phone can payment as much as possible not for cash, but also removed the insecurity of carrying with too much cash.” Miss Liu said, in addition to payment, the phone ordering, cinema and navigation are essential. It is foreseeable that with the mobile Internet, large data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to flourish, mobile payment convenient for people content will continue to increase, the function will continue to improve, the future people will enjoy it brought more Kind of service.

Scanning Module In The Self-service Terminal

As a mobile payment hardware provider, Shenzhen rakinda provides professional barcode payment scanning gun/scanning platform, self-service terminal embedded two-dimensional code payment scanner module, financial POS machine dedicated two-dimensional code scanning first-class products, help mobile payment related production industry innovation Change to promote the industry, to meet the development trend of mobile payment.

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