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ID Card Self-service System Operation Process
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-16 | Views:436

Recently, Shenzhen, a business center try ID card self-service system, Shenzhen residents to use the application will greatly improve the efficiency of accreditation, to complete the permit 3 minutes to complete, get ID card 1 minute to complete.

According to reports, automated accreditation system with ID card self-service Apply, receive ID card terminal and other equipment, can achieve ID card camera, apply, receive ID card of all unmanned operation, greatly simplifying the process. The specific operating process is as follows:

1, ID Card Take Photograph
Self-service machine photography system and household registration police computer system will be in accordance with no dyed hair, hair can not cover the ears, no heavy makeup, no exposed teeth, do not wear uniforms or white clothes and other requirements for two screening. After the taken photograph is finished, the system automatically prints the “photo receipt” (including photo barcode).

2, Self-service Apply For Transacting
In the ID card to apply for self-service, the applicant according to the machine prompts, enter the registration information, scanning camera receipt, I take pictures, collect fingerprints, information checks correctly, submit the application and print “Apply for transacting receipt” certificate, you can complete the identity To apply for a process.

(Note: Self-service scanning window embedded bar code scanning module, with bar code scanning, data transmission, and other properties. Applicants only need to “photo receipt” bar code in the scanning window scan to get accreditation photos.)

ID Card Self-service System Operation Process

3, Self-service Receive ID Card
receiveing ID card, the self-service machine starting interface, “I receive” and “others receive” 2 kinds of options. “I receive” the identity card number or scan the “Apply for transacting receipt” bar code according to the prompt, then by verifying the fingerprint of the left and right hand, to complete the “certificate of compliance” after verification, the machine will automatically send the applicant’s documents; Need to go to the public security household registration window for the relevant authorized business.

(Note: self-service scanning window embedded bar code scanning module, with bar code scanning, data transmission and other properties, can easily identify the paper receipt of a single bar code information.

Automatic application system, the ordinary for ID card, to receive ID card from the artificial service window stripping, through the machine standard process, by the masses self-service, not only saves the public apply for ID card, the received ID card time, but also improve the efficiency of the window police work.

As a barcode automatic identification technology brand supplier, Shenzhen Rakinda push ID card self-service machine dedicated 3096 series scanning module, help self-service terminal manufacturers innovation and change, so as to promote the household center “document processing” automatic information management.

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