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Shenzhen B683 Bus Try Scan Mobile Phone Two-dimensional Code To Pay
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-15 | Views:401

With the development of mobile Internet technology, smartphones, and other terminal equipment popularization, two-dimensional code reading technology and wifi widely used, two-dimensional code payment is at an alarming rate to penetrate all aspects of people's lives. Since 2016, the two-dimensional code payment began to fight on the field of traffic, scan mobile phone to take the bus is not new. Following the Hangzhou, Jinan, Jinhua, Guangzhou and other cities, a few days ago, Shenzhen Mobile phone two-dimensional code payment the official project on the line.

Users opened Shenzhen two-dimensional code payment to take bus service must first bind an APP that small money free- payment method. Binding after the use of the two-dimensional code for consumption without credit card or on-site buy ticket, Only need to use the system to generate two-dimensional code scan in the bus scanner can take the bus. It is reported that such a bus scanner embedded two-dimensional code scanning module, combined with the bus phone two-dimensional code payment system, to achieve a "before consumption, after payment, free password" convenient experience.
barcode scanner module
At present, Shenzhen on-line mobile phone two-dimensional code payment service be regarded as the client beta, only in the science and technology park area B683 a line test operation. In view of the terminal transformation costs and the specific use of the scene, the need for follow-up test will be more routes to expand.

As a provider of two-dimensional code payment scanning hardware brand, Shenzhen Rakinda has launched a dedicated 4500 series of two-dimensional scanner module for public transportation payment terminals, which will help the terminal manufacturers to innovate and innovate to promote industrial upgrading, so as to promote the wisdom of the "arteries".

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