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Worry Free! Alipay flash pay on Mother’s Day in supermarket shopping
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-11 | Views:373

Every holiday, the major supermarkets have promotional endless activities to attract quantities of consumers to go “shopping.” However, the high peak passenger flow leads to the cash register congestion, low-efficiency cash settlement is overwhelming vomit slot in the holiday. In order to alleviate the work pressure of the peak cash register, a supermarket launches special Alipay scanning barcode to pay in the arrival of Mother’s Day. The consumers only need to pay by scanning the payment barcode on phone easily in Shenzhen!

rakinda happy mother's day
It is reported that all of the cash registers set additional RD4100 2D barcode scanner to open Alipay scanning barcode function in the supermarket. Consumers only need to inform the cashier that they would like to use Alipay to finish the payment, and then open Alipay of the mobile phone payment code and close to the RD4100 barcode scanner module to scan away, you can complete the window payment procedures. The whole process is easy to operate, worry and effort, only a few seconds.

Compared with the traditional payment model, RD4100 scanning barcode payment could optimize the traditional cash register process, no cash change, not only to enhance the consumer shopping experience but also to enhance the efficiency of supermarket cashier on Mother’s Day. In addition to scanning barcode payment function, RD4100 2D desktop barcode scanner itself also supports commodity 1D, 2D bar code scanning, value-added tax lightning billing and other functions.

RD4100 2D desktop barcode scanner
At present, the application has been fully promoted on the market, widely used in hotel catering, business super department stores, convenience fast food shops, subway stations and other fields. With “system zero transformation”, “scanning precision” and other notable features by the business praise. If you are interested in the application, may wish to contact rakinda!

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